Please find the school club you are looking for from the table below and fill out the booking form to inquire about the desired club you are interested in for your young sports star to come along and join in the sporting fun. Due to some clubs being in very high demand we will gather in all inquires and confirm spaces on the week two weeks before the club is due to start. Some clubs if they state spaces are available you may be able to sign up straight away but for most, the start of the next term is when we can start a new register.

MONDAYWSG Primary SchoolRise and Shine7.45 – 8.30Available£48SELECT
The Dawnay PrimaryGymnastics 5+3.15 – 4.15Available£55SELECT
WSG Primary SchoolFootball Y2 – Y43.15 – 4.30Available£60SELECT
Queen Eleanor’sHockey3.30 - 4.30Email SchoolVia School
Meadow Primary SchoolGymnastics 5+3.20 – 4.20Limited Spaces£60SELECT
TUESDAYWSG Primary SchoolRise and Shine7.45 – 8.30Available£48SELECT
WSG Primary SchoolTag Rugby 5+3.15 – 4.30SOLD OUT£60Via School
Queen Eleanor’sDodge ball3.30 – 4.30Email SchoolVia School
Onslow Infant SchoolFootball 5+3 – 4Available£60SELECT
St Joseph’s Primary SchoolTag Rugby Y1 – Y23.30 – 4.30Available£60SELECT
WEDNESDAYWSG Primary SchoolRise and Shine7.45 – 8.30Available£48SELECT
Wood Street Infant SchoolRise and Shine8 – 8.40Email SchoolVia School
WSG Primary SchoolGirls Club 5+3.15 – 4.30SOLD OUT£60Via School
West Ashtead Primary SchoolGymnastics 5+3.30 – 4.30Available£60Via School
Wood Street Infant SchoolMulti Sport 5+3 – 4Email School£60Via School
Onslow Infant SchoolDodgeball3 – 4Available£60SELECT
THURSDAYWSG Primary SchoolRise and Shine7.45 – 8.30Available£48SELECT
WSG Primary SchoolMulti Sport 5+3.15 – 4.30SOLD OUT£60Via School
West Ashtead Primary SchoolDodge Ball Y1 – Y67.45 – 8.30Available£54Via School
Queen Eleanor’sFootball3.30 – 4.30Email SchoolVia School
Wood Street Infant SchoolBusta Groove 5+3 – 4Email SchoolVia School
St Joseph’s Primary SchoolFootball Y3 – Y63.30 – 4.30Limited Spaces£60SELECT
St Mathews Infant SchoolFootball 5+3 – 4Available£60SELECT
Onslow Infant SchoolDodgeball7.45 – 8.30Available£60SELECT
FRIDAYWSG Primary SchoolRise and Shine7.45 – 8.30Available£48SELECT
Bramley Infant SchoolMulti Sport 5+3 – 4Available£55Via School
Onslow Infant SchoolMulti Sport 5+3 – 4Available£55SELECT
St Joseph’s Primary SchoolFootball Y1 – Y23.30 – 4.30SOLD OUT£55SELECT


Please use the form below to select the school and club you are interested in, also providing us with your child’s details and contact information which is necessary to register your interest for the the club. We will be confirm your child’s place two roughly 2 weeks before the start of the new term if the club has spaces currently, we will confirm the spot as soon as possible. We try to be as fair as possible to get every child an opportunity to join our clubs.

Please take a minute to read through our Terms & Conditions prior to sending a booking request.