At Sports Stars UK we are always looking for bright, motivated, reliable and hardworking coaches to join our team. The company offers many opportunities to coaches whether it is doing a few hours a week assisting at one of the many clubs we run or stepping up and providing first class sports provision during the school day through the PPA work we do.

As we are a young and dynamic company we can provide a great springboard to the right coach to launch their career as a sports coach, the opportunity to progress and become a sports co-ordinator or manager is there for the individuals who can demonstrate the right work ethic and diligence to the job. With the company’s growth over the last few years, Sports Stars UK really is the ideal company for any aspiring coach to be involved with.

If you would like to be a part of our team then please send us your details and covering letter using the form below:

The Process

Step One

Interview with Directors of the Company.

Step Two

A trial session either assisting or running a session under supervision.

Step Three

Three month extended trial period working alongside different Sports Stars UK coaches. Covering after school clubs, holiday camps and PPA cover.

Step Four

Meeting to reflect on trial period with Company Directors. If the trial was successful the coach will receive a contract for work with the company and a coaching pathway plan will be discussed and put into place on agreement with the coach and directors. If Directors are not sure the coach is ready to run sessions on their own another three month trial will begin or if the Directors are not happy with the way the trial has gone Sports Stars UK will not continue working with the coach.

Step Five

Two Coaching courses will be half paid for by company to increase coach’s profile. Courses will be targeted depending on agreed progression and role moving forwards in the company.

Step Six

Coach will begin running own sessions and PPA for the company.

Step Seven

Coach will now be part of the Sports Stars team and be working for the company under the terms of their contract.


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    Couldn’t be prouder of our team after finishing 5 and a half weeks of our summer camps yesterday. Huge effort to get everything Covid safe but we did and to see so so many ultra excited kids again playing and enjoying sport was amazing. We are all looking forward to the term ahead, thank you to all the schools and parents for your continued support @sportsstarsuk @joshsnell64 @jay_joyce_1 @sportsstarsuk_stayfitin5 @mwtlock @bo_bennyy
    @blackouttuesday @educate @learn @listen @setyourownexample
    Some super designs we have received this week for our design your own sports stars ⭐️ kit competition. We will partner with @kitlocker to get the 3 winning designs made for the lucky winners ☀️👍🏻🙌🏻🤩 Keep the awesome design efforts coming in and please keep using our free home resources page on our website, there are new resources loaded everyday ☀️
@stayathomechallenge_official @joshsnell64 @sportsstarsuk_stayfitin5
    Our very own Head Coach Josh putting his design in the mix for the kit competition, pretty cool effort, with the Gowar households awesome designs alongside 💕⭐️😎 Keep all the videos and challenges coming in. We also launched a new Easter designs page on our website which will be up for the next few weeks for all parents to use -

@stayathomechallenge_official @joshsnell64 @felicityb1989 @beth.s.penfold @mirkasimekova @clare_barette @kitlocker
    Amazing!!! Sienna @itsmeemmasouthgate has laid down a challenge directly to me and I’m sending her challenge out to the whole coaching team, all parents and kids!! Show us your best skills, hands down Siennas basketball 🏀 skills are better than mine but let’s see what I can do 🙌🏻☀️ @stayathomechallenge_official @bballengland @_thelba_ @sportsstarsuk @joshsnell64 @jay_joyce_1 @mwtlock @heatherhope80 @kate_ivison_southgate @guildfordwomensbasketball @jenn.b1721 @jenkingcharlotte @jenny25hansen @luoldeng9 @clairesorsby30 @kiwi_knit_wit @beausunday @carlajbolton @clare_barette @danmagness @glebe_pe @s_s_ford  @sezimoz @lilyseaweed @ @park_mead_primary @thecoachingconcept @visitsurrey
    Impressive effort from Cranliegh Primary’s very own @feagan27 with a little help from his surroundings a total of 11!! Great effort Sam 💪🏻🙌🏻☀️@clairesorsby30 @surreycountyfa @stayathomechallenge_official @jenn.b1721 @stnewman1 @park_mead_primary @joshsnell64
    Going to be a really tough decision to choose just three winners for our Sports Stars ⭐️ design your own kit competition, heres a few more from yesterday 💕 awesome work guys ☀️⭐️🙌🏻 @kitlocker will be making these amazing designs for us once we choose the winners 😎

@kitlocker @sportsstarsuk_stayfitin5 @beausunday @mirkasimekova @andisimmons @amorton_official @amplify_creative_uk @thecoachingconcept @clare_barette @henry_drane @carlajbolton @econway151 @s_s_ford @tracy.a.heard @heatherhope80 @jacob_tg @mirkasimekova @wrennie_coops @nikefootball @orla_nutriviva @park_mead_primary @supersian2489 @ronnie_lee_08 @sezimoz @ukstephkelly @joshsnell64 @stayathomechallenge_official @visitsurrey @whitfieldbruce @xo_xislax_xo @yourboimilo834 @wonersh_youth @jay_joyce_1
    So of the many testing times and challenges facing my company at the moment this one I did manage to overcome 🤣🤣🤣 @joshsnell64 just for the record was many more than three attempts 😂🙈 great to hear from so many of you guys over the last few weeks and to see the kids having a bit of fun ☀️💕 @sportsstarsuk_stayfitin5 @ukstephkelly @stayathomechallenge_official @mirkasimekova @andisimmons @thecoachingconcep @clare_barette @henry_drane @jenn.b1721 @feagan27 @jay_joyce_1  @jacob_tg @park_mead_primary
    Some very impressive trick shots here from our very own @jay_joyce_1 all in one take and first time rumour has it 👀😂 who can beat this? @sportsstarsuk_stayfitin5 @stayathomechallenge_official  @jenn.b1721 @feagan27 @mwtlock @clare_barette @henry_drane @jacob_tg @wrennie_coops @andisimmons @sportsstarsuk
    One of our favourite designs from yesterday for the design your own Sports Stars kit competition, awesome design Isabel 💕!! Three lucky winners will get their designs made for them by @kitlocker 🙌🏻☀️😎