Terms & Conditions

It is essential that you advise us of any medical conditions before the start of any club.

All our coaches are enhanced DBS checked and hold current Emergency First Aid certification.

If Sports Stars UK should cancel an event/session for any reason, a full refund will be issued to the person who booked.

Sports Stars UK may from time to time take photographs/film of Sports Stars UK clubs, the use of this data is solely for the promoting and publishing of Sports Stars UK events through our website, press, literature and TV. No child’s name will be used in any form of promotion. Parents/guardians that do not wish for their child to be photographed/filmed must make Sports Stars UK aware of this at the time of booking or in writing before the club starts.

Sports Stars UK may from time to time contact you with promotions or product information. If you do not want to receive such notifications, please email info@sportsstarsuk.com

I understand that accidents and injuries may happen during sporting events and physical exertion. By allowing your child to participate in this event/club, I understand that I am accepting the risk of accidents and injuries that might arise out of their participation.

It has been agreed with the school that sessions with one coach will not exceed 16 children per session.
It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure appropriate clothing is worn/or available for their child for the activity provided and weather conditions

VAT charged at current rates

Every endeavor is taken through thorough working closely with each school, risk assessments and safety procedures to minimize and prevent accidents from occurring.

It has been agreed with the schools that clubs with one coach will not exceed 16 children per session aged 5+

Lunch is not provided at Camp so you must supply your child with a packed lunch and snacks, and a refillable drinks bottle for water.

No Nuts or Egg to be allowed at camp for lunch or snacks

Cancelling your Booking

  • You may cancel for up to two weeks in advance of the starting date of your camp in order to receive a refund minus a 10% administrative charge.
  • Any cancellations after this two-week period will result in no refunds
  • Any cancellations on the day due to illness or injury will not result in a refund or credit.
  • If one child on the booking needs to cancel due to illness or injury, then you are entitled to a credit for any other siblings on the booking.

Mobile Phones & Electronic Devices

  • All electrical devices are not allowed at camp. If found, the device will be taken in by the Camp Directors and kept secure.
  • If you need to contact your child, please call the Camp Manager.
  • Sports Stars UK does not take responsibility for the damage or loss of any electronic devices.

Swearing & Inappropriate Language Policy

  • In the first instance of swearing or inappropriate language the child will be given a warning and warned that if they repeat the language they will be asked to leave the camp.