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If your school requires PPA cover then you need look no further

With a current drive by the Government to increase the amount of time children in schools spend doing sports and physical education Sports Stars offers a high quality and inspiring service for children in your school.

Sports Stars UK offer a range of high quality PPA sports sessions

  • Medium term plans for R/KS1 and KS2
  • All Plans linked and targeted to National Curriculum
  • Over five years experience running PPA across Surrey
  • Currently provide over 80 hours provision each week
  • Over 12 Sports/Schemes of work on offer
PPA Cover

Qualified coaching staff

Sports Stars understands that to work in your school we need all our coaches to be of the highest quality, so they will provide exceptional delivery of your policies and fulfil the high standards you would expect.

To ensure we deliver the highest quality service all of our coaches hold nationally recognised sports qualifications, are enhanced DBS checked, first aid qualified and receive on-going training. This ensures children get up to date, rewarding tutoring and education.

All Sports Stars UK staff members are trained, DBS-checked and full of enthusiasm to deliver fun and engaging sports sessions, to keep children active and entertained all day.

To find out more about our PPA Cover contact us Now.


“Multi- sports is a fantastic club. Ben is so enthusiastic and he is great at encouraging the children to try new activities. My sons skills have developed considerably, along with their understanding of team work and sportsmanship. And most importantly they always have lots of fun!”

Caroline James
Parent/Treasurer PTFA Bramley Infant School


“The children love the clubs which coaches Ben and Sarah run at my school. They are well managed and great fun for the children.”

Tess Trewinnard
Headteacher WSG Infant School


“My son has taken part in tag rugby, basketball, multi sports and cricket during his time at Wonersh and Shamley Green school. He has not only enjoyed the sessions hugely but has also gained enormous amounts of confidence in himself and his abilities”


“Many thanks again for making the birthday of Tom And Gray an extremely enjoyable and entertaining afternoon not to be forgotten”



“My kids love sports-stars because of the range of sports activities and the hugely energetic coaches.”

Michelle Stafford


“My son is an avid dodgeball player and never wants to miss a week, the coaches are great and make it fun for the kids and my sons enthusiasm has never waivered. If you want to make a dodgeball champion… this is the place to be!”

Brody’s mum


“My son always wants to book in to the holiday sports camps, they get to play loads of different sports throughout the day in a fun environment with other children and he always comes home enthusiastic with bundles of energy and stories from the days fun events – I would highly recommend trying it!”


If you are interested in booking a FREE PPA Trial please contact us. For more information view our brochure:

End of our second week of summer camps and it’s been amazing to see so many kids with us and loving the sports sessions and all the lovely feedback from the parents. Looking forward to the next 2 weeks ahead @jay_joyce_1 @katie_samuel22 @joshsnell64 @whatson4kidsuk @visitsurrey @activesurrey @officialsportengland @park_mead_primary @cranleigh_primary_friends @onslowinfantschool @schoolgames @clare_barette @surrey_schools
Couldn’t be prouder of our team after finishing 5 and a half weeks of our summer camps yesterday. Huge effort to get everything Covid safe but we did and to see so so many ultra excited kids again playing and enjoying sport was amazing. We are all looking forward to the term ahead, thank you to all the schools and parents for your continued support @sportsstarsuk @joshsnell64 @jay_joyce_1 @sportsstarsuk_stayfitin5 @mwtlock @bo_bennyy
@blackouttuesday @educate @learn @listen @setyourownexample
Some super designs we have received this week for our design your own sports stars ⭐️ kit competition. We will partner with @kitlocker to get the 3 winning designs made for the lucky winners ☀️👍🏻🙌🏻🤩 Keep the awesome design efforts coming in and please keep using our free home resources page on our website, there are new resources loaded everyday ☀️
@stayathomechallenge_official @joshsnell64 @sportsstarsuk_stayfitin5 
Our very own Head Coach Josh putting his design in the mix for the kit competition, pretty cool effort, with the Gowar households awesome designs alongside 💕⭐️😎 Keep all the videos and challenges coming in. We also launched a new Easter designs page on our website which will be up for the next few weeks for all parents to use - www.sportsstarsuk.com

@stayathomechallenge_official @joshsnell64 @felicityb1989 @beth.s.penfold @mirkasimekova @clare_barette @kitlocker
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